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Thursday, July 19th 2012

9:14 PM

Preteens model thumbs


Related article: Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 19:10:25 -0800 (PST) From: Matt Chambers Subject: Cousin Daniel Chapter 1Disclaimer: If it's illegal for you to be reading this then you shouldn't be reading anything past this sentence. Leave. Copyrighted 2009 Matt Chambers. All Right Reserved. I don't really remember much about how it happened, but after visiting Grandma over the winter break I was hanging out at my cousin Daniel's room at my aunt's house. We were just chilling and catching up. Then he got up and lit some sort of giant incense stick."Dude you gotta try this, just close your eyes and let it fuck you up," Daniel said as he laid down on his bed. With his eyes closed I took the chance check out my cousin. At only 19 years old, 6'3 and 185lbs there wasn't much about his body I didn't like. Daniel ran track for his college and it really showed in his legs. His shaggy brown candid preteen pictures hair added to the jock look he pulled off with ease."Come on man just lay back and trust me," he said without opening his eyes. I sighed and did as he suggested.The next thing I remember I woke up wearing only my boxers and crawling towards Daniel who was equally exposed."Ain't this the shit man? Just let it all out, no judging right now," he said as I slowly moved closer. I'm not sure what came over me then, but as soon as I got to my cousin I instantly grabbed his right foot and started to lick underground sexpreteen it all over and suck on the toes."Dude that feels so good, keep doin' that," Daniel said as he reclined back. "Yea man, lick my dirty feet!"With the smoke and smell from whatever was burning filling the room, I let go of my inhibitions and just attacked my cousin's body with my hands and tongue. I licked up and down his feet, all over his legs and slowly worked my way up to were he was working his cock."God! You're making me so fucking hard!" Daniel moaned as I moved on to his hard abs with my tongue. I licked all over his chest paying close attention to his sensitive nipples."Yea lick my nipples, next you're cleaning my pits," Daniel said as his hand moved faster over his now shiny cock. He pushed my face into his left armpit."Clean out all that sweat exotic model preteen and junk and then you can keep worshipping my body," he said.After I thoroughly cleaned both his nasty pits, Daniel told me to move back to his feet. I happily obliged and started to coat his size 12's with my tongue. After a good ten minutes of foot licking, Daniel pulled his feet up towards his body and left my tongue hanging.I sat there and watched as my cousin had an explosive orgasm."FUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!" he shouted as cum shot and began to coat his legs, chest and feet.As Daniel collapsed while breathing hard, I dove all over his body and began to lick up cum that had just been freshly deposited all preteen horny nudist over his body. His cum tasted sweeter than I thought it would. I licked it up without a thought about what I was doing or what this might mean."Keep it up cuz, my body doesn't need any nasty shit on it," Daniel said once he had caught his breath. I looked up to see the red light of the camera on his phone. I didn't register what was happening as I kept acting as a human paper towel for my cousins cum. I licked the last little bit of cum off his cock and then I laid sprawled out next to Daniel and passed out.I woke up a few hours later with a splitting headache. I didn't really know what had happened or why my cousin was next to me wearing nothing. I slowly got dressed and went to the bathroom to piss. As I finished washing up, Daniel slowly came in to relieve himself."Hey fag," Daniel said as he sat on the toilet."Hey douche, do you remember anything that happened man because I totally don't?" I fired back."Fuck dude, preteen exrotic models you really don't got a clue about what you did?" Daniel responded."Nah all I remember is you lighting junior preteen pics some incense thing and then my laying down on the floor.""Man, you did a lot more than that." Daniel said with a smile. "You fucking fagged out and totally couldn't keep your hands or tongue off me. You even made me cum and then happily licked it all up.""Ha ha very funny dip shit, I'm serious." I said as I began to put on my shoes.Daniel walked over with his phone held out in front of him. "Take a look if you don't believe me."Right there on the small screen nudist preteens topsites was a clear video of my tongue lapping up globs of cum from my cousin's feet, chest and even off his cock. I felt the blood in my face drain and erotic russian preteen I began to sweat."I..I...I don't know what happened, but I'm not a fag," I stammered."Yea whatever you say man, you were all over me," Daniel said as he sat down on his bed next to me still. He still hadn't put on any clothes, a fact he seemed to point out as he stretched out and placed his feet in my lap leaving his body in full view. I tried to move his feet off my lap, but he just put them right now."Dude, let them stay there. We need to talk, but while we do that why don't you massage my feet since you like them so much," Daniel said."I'm not fucking massaging your feet! I'm not a fag!" I shouted."I don't really care what you are, the fact is I have you licking up my cum on video so unless you want everyone to see that, you're going to do whatever I tell you to do. So massage my feet while we chat." preteenmodel nn Daniel snapped.Defeated I picked up his foot and started to massage it."Oh ya that's it," Daniel said. "So the way I see it, you're gonna do whatever I say when I say it. Basically you're my slave now although you do have a choice, you could leave and let me send that video to everyone you know."I knew I couldn't let that video get out. If that happened then my life would be over. My family would overreact and my friends wouldn't hear me out. I was screwed."Okay, just promise you won't send it out," I said with bambina preteen porno a sigh."Don't worry about that bitch boy, I'm gonna enjoy using preteen exrotic models you too much to ever give you up," my cousin said. "Do my other foot now, it's feeling unloved.""Ok, ok," I said."That's 'Yes Sir' to you bitch. From now on you'll call me Sir or Master and nothing else. If you forget then you'll be punished for being a bad little slave," Daniel said."Yes Sir," I said with my head hung."Good boy. Another rule, you only speak when spoken to unless I give your permission otherwise. Speaking about permission, preteens showing vaginas you only pee, shit, eat, drink and of course cum when I say so. I control your life, every choice you used taboo preteen pics to make will be made by me, you understand?"Not knowing what I could do or say, I meekly mumbled "Yes Sir." as I continued to massage the feet of my cousin. My mind couldn't stop racing wondering how they all would play out and how far Daniel would take it."Man this is gonna be so awesome. I'm gonna have my twenty year old cousin following my every order no matter how twisted. Now thank you need to me for letting you massage my feet; kiss my cock until I'm hard," Daniel said.Having given up on fighting him, I bent over and put my lips to my cousin's cock. After about two minutes of kissing, it finally extended to its full length of seven inches. "Look like you made Daniel Jr. very happy, slave. For your reward you may kiss my balls while I jerk off," Daniel said as he started to best asian preteen stroke himself.I started to kiss and lick my cousin's hairy balls while watching the way he moved his hand up and down his cock. I was mesmerized and so involved in watching him that I didn't even notice his balls draw up until I saw the first squirt burst out of his cock. Daniel had aimed his cock so each blast of cum hit me on the face. All in all there were eight different shots of his baby juice that coated my face."That felt so good! You're gonna be lickin' those balls a lot bitch. Now be a good slave and eat my cum and then go start my shower so you can clean me before we go on our trip," Daniel said with a grin."Yes Sir," I replied as I started to finger shovel cum into my mouth. I hope you enjoyed part one!
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Wednesday, July 18th 2012

12:00 AM

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